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Can Tofu be a Low Fodmap Food???

After a lot of research and reading about Tofu and low Fodmap, below is the information I found from Monash University. They have a lot of research and information about IBS and low Fodmap food.

But what is the FODMAP content of tofu and how much can safely be included in a low FODMAP diet?

The answer to this question depends on the variety of tofu in question. Our analyses have revealed that silken tofu is high FODMAP in a 140g serve, due to the presence of oligos (GOS and fructans), whereas firm tofu is low in FODMAPs in a 170g serve.

Why the difference, we hear you ask? We think it is due to differences in food processing methods. As you might remember from previous blog posts, FODMAPs (particularly fructans and GOS) are water soluble, so drained, firm tofu (with a lower water content) is lower in FODMAPs than silken tofu that has a high-water content.

The take home message: drained, firm tofu is a nutritious, low FODMAP source of protein that can be enjoyed in Asian and vegetarian dishes.

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