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Lets talk breakfast....

Depending on the mornings, you can be creative with your breakfast or just enjoy a simple toast.

Most morning we will enjoy our coffee with Promise Gluten Free Raisin bread, some other mornings Chex Peanut Butter Gluten free cereal (also comes in chocolate), but on the weekends we like to be more creative. So egg tomatoes and dill Sandwich taste really good.

-Lightly toast 2 slices of White Glute Free Promise bread or which ever one you use.

-Slice up some tomatoes and sprinkle salt and pepper to taste on them

-In the mean time warm up a pan a fry one or toe eggs, while the egg still in liquid sprinkle some salt, pepper and chives. Cook the egg to preference.

-Spread mayo on the bread , add a slice of dairy free cheese (we used Daiya Dairy Free Mozzarella)

-Add the egg on top of the cheese, tomatoes and a few pieces of dill. You are ready to eat.

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