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Little secret to keep Your Herbs Fresher Longer.

If you anything like me, I love my fresh herbs when I cook. As we all know fresh herbs don't last very long once they have been cut. So I though I would share this little secret I use to keep my herbs fresher long and also helps not to forget that they are in fridge.

Pick which ever herbs you want, today I have using cilantro and dill. Wash your herbs and let them drain for a little bit.

Then pull the leaves or little branches depending on the herbs from it and put it in a glass jar that has a lid. I will add pictures for example.

Once you have all the herbs in the jar, wet a sheet of paper towel and fold it over the mouth of the jar then close the jar with the paper towel.

This helps the herbs stay fresh longer in the fridge. Whenever you use them if the paper towel is dry then wet and put it back on the jar. I hope this helps keep your favorite herbs fresher longer.

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