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One night the pain in my abdomen was so bad that I was rushed to the hospital. After a week of tests and seeing different doctors.  I was told I had Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).

What does this mean you say....mean learning to reinvent my recipes.

Clean up the pantry and freezer...NO more Gluten, NO more Dairy, No more Soy products, plus a long list of things that I can not eat.

Basically a Low -Fodmap meals from now on.

Was given a list of things to eat and to avoid. So with that in mind my husband and I headed to the kitchen determined to make this work and recreate recipes to fit our new lifestyle.


So I thought I would start this blog to maybe help other people in the same situation.  I will try and post some recipes and replacement products that seems to work and taste good. 

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