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Low FODMAP Food Choice List

A few of you have now asked me for a copy of the Low FODMAP Food Choice List that I am following. So I am attaching the list that the Doctor has given me. For 42 days I am suppose to just eat items from the Food to Eat side of the list in order to clear my system of all bad stuff. The 42 days system is supposed to be repeated whenever I have a extreme bad flareup of pain.

After the 42 days system I can try and add small amounts of some of the items from the Limit list on at a time (like a week intervals) to see if I can handle it with out pain or if they are staying on the Limit list for good The Gluten, Dairy and Extremely spices have to stay out for good. This 3 items I am not allowed to introduce them back into my system. I hope this helps. Let me know if you have any other questions.

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